You may not know how to believe in yourself.

 You may have constant thoughts that replay in your head that you CAN'T do something. 

That you CAN'T accomplish something. 

That you DON'T deserve it.

This challenge is for you to break this cycle between you and you lol.

The I Believe In Better For Myself Challenge is a #SelfishBabe Group Challenge. 

A #SelfishBabe is a woman who Selfishly + Authentically Loves Herself.

1.7 k women all over the world will have the option to participate in this challenge as a group.

Imagine doing a challenge with soo many women focusing on CHOOSING to believe in better for themselves?

This is to push you. This is for you to FEEL part of a communiy of women who AIM to better themselves.

You have the option of choosing to believe better for yourself, so why not commit to making this choice for 5 days?

How Does It Work?

 Everyday For 5 Days, I am doing a LIVE Video on the challenge for the day . 

The video will be filled with personal advice, motivation and the days activity on changing your mindset to one of a #SelfishBabe who BELIEVES in BETTER for herself. 

 Participate in the day's activity and be entered in to win $100 Visa Gift Card to be used for your self-care. 

How Do I Join In?

 Put in your first name and email address in the box below and you will be sent info on how to join the Private group to participate.


Who Is OlanikeeOsi? 

Hey love, my name is Vanessa but I go by OlanikeeOsi.  

I am a woman's Self-Love Empowerment Manifestor.  

That simply means I teach women how to selfishly and authentically love themselves.  

I am the Founder #SelfishBabe, a woman's lifestyle, personal development brand and community.  

Self-Love is my focus and I want it to be yours too.

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